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At Harrison Gunsmithing, we have a passion for providing the highest quality aesthetic options for your firearms. This includes traditional engraving services to fulfill your custom firearm vision. Traditional engraving is accomplished by means of removing steel with a hardened steel chisel (the Graver). This is accomplished by hand push, tapping with a hammer, or through use of a modern pneumatic impact device which replicates a hammer.



(Above): Aaron Harrison using the hammer and chisel technique to engrave a Colt 1851 hammer with a scale pattern.


Pricing varies greatly in engraving and is dependant on a number of factors. However, at Harrison Gunsmithing we aim to make engraving services available to all budgets. All engraving work starts at $100AUD and increases from there depending on:


  • Labour - Some processes like precious metal inlay, semi relief backgrounds, and dot punching are very time consuming. The amount of hours involved are considered in quotation.

  • Detail - The addition of lettering, panel and game scenes, fine shading techniques, and microcopic details require high levels of focus and precision. 

  • Precious Metal - Designs can include the addition of precious metal (platnum, gold, silver), and the cost of wire, sheet, or foil is included in final pricing.

  • Metal Finishing/Refinishing - Most gun metals (excluding stainless steel and brass) will require the surface to be refinished after engraving to prevent rust. At Harrison Gunsmithing finishing services are offered and can be included in the final pricing of a project.

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